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The Quebec gov. can now take your kids and vaccinate them if you refuse, thanks to Quebec Bill 15.

In what seems like a race between the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec to see who can become the most totalitarian the fastest, Quebec outdoes Ontario's Bill 100 by passing it's own dictator-like Bill, Quebec Bill 15.

Quebec Bill 15 removes parental primacy and sets aside family ties, meaning parents are no longer the main caregiver of the child, granting that role to the provincial government, while no longer looking to place children with their extended family if they are taken away.

If the province deems that you are an unfit parent, maybe because you refuse to force your child to wear a mask or take the experimental synthetic mRNA shots, the government could take your child from you and make that decision for you.

The only other countries in the world with such insane laws and policies are North Korea, China, and Cuba. Canada seems like it's well on its way to joining, and maybe even surpassing it's communist predecessors at how to rule with an iron fist.

This Bill comes on the heels of the province of Ontario passing Bill 100, which allows the government to arrest you without a warrant just for protesting, and sieze your property.

There are currently protests going on in Montreal by those who oppose this Bill, as well as people who are protesting against the protestors.

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