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Canadian Gov. is attempting to censor the internet akin to China, secretly trying to pass Bill-C11

The government of Canada has been working around the clock in an effort to turn Canada into another socialist dictatorship. Now the Trudeau regime wants to censor the internet for Canadians just like the communist party of China does.

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the snap election that took place back in September of 2021, it effectively terminated the internet censorship bill at the time, then called Bill-C10. This caused the Trudeau regime to have to re-introduce the act again, now called Bill-C11. This bill is currently undergoing it's 2nd reading in the House of Commons RIGHT NOW!

Their claim is that they want to protect Canadians from harmful content by censoring the internet just like they do to radio and television, but if the Trudeau regime is able to pass this bill, the internet will look completely different for users in Canada. The government will have complete control over what you're allowed to post, the content you're allowed to see, and the websites and applications that you're allowed to access. (

The communist party of China currently has laws like this in place, forbidding its citizens from entertaining different philosophies and ideas by blocking access to half of the internet. Even cryptocurrenies have been outlawed. This is known as the Great Firewall of China, and was created to "protect the public from dangerous information". 😉

This is also true in the country of Cuba. VPN'S, or Virtual Private Networks, then become a necessity to circumvent internet restrictions. This is done by tricking the network into thinking you're in another country, giving you access to websites and apps that are unavailable in your geographical location.

Meanwhile, North Korea's internet is so censored that it is basically an intranet, which is a network of computers connected onto themselves as opposed to the world wide web, only getting access to web pages and literature that are uploaded to their network by the state.

How censored will the internet become exactly is anyone's guess, but Trudeau has openly stated his admiration for the CCP and the "basic dictatorship that they have".

If we don't attempt to warn the public about this and try our best to stop it, information such as this may not even be allowed to be talked about online with the Trudeau regime in control of the internet. It may be wise to research some good VPNs now, just incase Canada decides to build its own great firewall...

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