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Ontario Bill 100 has passed. Gov. can sieze your property for protesting, arrest you without warrant

Canada has taken a page out of Cuba's playbook, and have now passed laws in the province of Ontario that gives the government the power to sieze your property without a trial, and arrest you without a warrant, just for protesting.

The only places in the world where you're not allowed to protest the government, and are even arrested for doing so are countries such as Cuba and China.

Rick Nicholls of the Ontario Party was the only person who questioned the house about this Bill and the implications it has, during which he also described the Bill in it's full detail:

The reason this Bill was passed provinicially instead of federally is because making this a federal law would paint the Trudeau regime as an even greater dictatorship than it already is, and because the capital of Canada is located in the province of Ontario. This will effectively kill protesting in the nation's capital.

Bright Light News has shared the video of Rick Nicholls making his last arguments, as well as the vote for the Bill where you can only hear one voice oppose it. You can watch that video here:

For those opposed to the government tyranny, it may be wise to start using a VPN now. A VPN, or virtual private network, hides your location and internet data through encryption, and can also make it look like you're in a different location altogether. This is something that the people in China and Cuba have to do already...

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Your headline is dishonest. The government cannot seize your property for protesting, which you have every right to do. It can, however, do so if you are going to use your large vehicle to deliberately block an international border. You don't have the right to impede your fellow citizens' lives to make a political statement.

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