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The Bank of Canada has just announced their own Central Bank Digital Currency

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

The Bank of Canada has issued a press release announcing that they have collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to make their own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

A central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a digital version of a country's fiat money, similar to cryptocurrencies. Instead of printing cash, banknotes are then issued electronically.

In a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast interview, Maajid Nawaz broke down how these central bank digital currencies are part of the Chinese Communist Party's social credit score system, and how they give governments the complete control over how you use your money, with the ability to turn off your money for dissenting against the state.

This is alarming for a country such as Canada because as we have already witnessed, the government has used emergency powers to freeze the bank accounts of anyone protesting against them. A central bank digital currency would make it infinitely easier to do that.

The Atlantic Council has made a CBDC tracker where you can see which countries have, or plan to launch a central bank digital currency. 82 countries currently have them or are researching them with plans to implement them in the near future.

The full press release from The Bank Of Canada (Canada's central bank) regarding their own CBDC can be read on their own website here:

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I really love what you're doing here Luke! Thank you and congrats - I will refer people to your page in my next podcasts (and probably more than once) - I love that you're going deep into the discussion of Canadian Bills, Regulations, Policies and "Usual Suspects" international Agendas..! You have a brain for it! I'm really happy I found you cause I do believe that: A) it's in the law-making, policy, regulation & judicial system that they're "taking us all for a ride" and, B) through "easy, accessible, public domain, and as-official-as-possible" in-formation & knowledge in such regards we can take effective & preserving action (at least for ourselves and all those that "smelled a rat") - Hope…


Awesome Luke! Thank you. It'd be fabulous to interview you😀. Listen, I'm literally de-Googling everything around me in these days, so I've suspended podcasting for couple weeks, but as soon as I'm able to reach out with a de-googled email, I will. I'd love you to be my guest because you're impersonating the type of knowledge Canadians need more than anything else! ..R u on TG?... or Sgnl?

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