The Lost Tapes

Released August 4th, 2020. #TheLostTapes is a compilation album containing Luke Sharp's best unreleased songs that he's ever done, all of which were recorded before 2011. This album has more of an old school/boom-bap sound, with songs about topics such as relationships, the trials & tribulations we face in life, and more.

Available everywhere: https://musics.link/LostTapes


Nobody Does It Better Than You

(Love You Mom)

Released May 13th, 2017. #NobodyDoesItBetterThanYou is an incredible single released by Luke Sharp on mother's day as a gift to his mom for everything she has done for him. Accompanied by a music video that's on Youtube/VEVO, this song encompasses everything mother's day is about, giving thanks and showing our own mothers how much we love and appreciate them.


This Is Me

Luke Sharp's debut album. Released May 13th, 2013, titled This Is Me as a way to introduce himself as an artist and show the kinds of songs and music he will make as an artist. Available everywhere http://musics.link/ThisIsMe