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Dr. Robert Malone & colleagues published a list of WEF members containing over 3800 names!

"What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders." - Klaus Schwab (2017)

Dr. Robert Malone and his associates at have published one of the most extensive and detailed lists of World Economic Forum members, containing over 3800 names of individuals from all over the world.

(Click picture to visit Dr. Malone's website)

For those who don't know, Dr. Robert Malone holds the patents for synthetic mRNA technology as a vaccine, and has been one of the most outspoken individuals within regards to covid vaccine efficacy, and unjustifiable government overreach that has plagued our nations.

Included in their downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet are WEF Young Global Leader graduate lists dating back over 30 years, and World Economic Forum honorees and their pages that are either still present online, or only found through the internet archives (which saves every deleted web page so we can still see them after they have been removed from the internet).

(Click the picture to download the spreadsheet)

Presidents and Prime Ministers such as Justin Trudeau of Canada, tech industry leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, doctors such as Anthony Fauci of the United States, and many more names from all over the world from different industries, are all included throughout these lists.

Politicians from Australia, the United Kingdom, and many more are also listed, truly painting an accurate picture of how deeply embedded the World Economic Forum is worldwide, and sheds light on why so many governments are acting in tandem.

From repeating similar mantras like "Trust the science", and "we are all in this together", while all simultaneously disregarding the true scientific data within regards to covid and the subsequent covid synthetic mRNA vaccines, published by absolutely incredible doctor's and scientists, it becomes apparent that this is akin to a worldwide coup d'état by the World Economic Forum.

Thanks to Dr. Robert Malone and for providing the world with this amazing information. 🙏

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