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Canada's performing rights org. SOCAN calls for artists to support internet censorship Bill C-11.

SOCAN, Canada's performing rights organization, has begun sending out emails calling for recording artists to support the internet censorship Bill, Bill C-11, also known as the online streaming act.

As an indigenous recording artist, supporters of this Bill claim it will help artists like me who "have a hard time in the industry", and make it easier for Canadians in general to profit off of their art. They claim artists made on average 67$ for the year. This has to be a lie. To most of you I am relatively unknown, and I made way more than that just from streaming royalties last year, and I am also full-blooded Chippewa.

The fact is that this Bill will censor the internet akin to China, and will make it infinitely harder for those fighting for basic human rights under Justin Trudeau's dictatorship.

When combined with the new Ontario Bill 100 in Canada, not only will the internet be censored, but the government will be able to arrest you without a warrant, and sieze your property, including your car and home just for protesting.

For a good breakdown of what Bill-C11 actually is and does, I have previously written a full article that explains all of that which you can read here:

SOCAN is asking for artists to send letters to MP's to show support for this Bill. Therefore, I am asking all of you to go to SOCAN's Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages to tell them we will never support this communist-style censorship Bill.

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