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The WEF plan continues: Bill-C223, universal basic income, currently being snuck through parliament

The World Economic Forum's plan continues in Canada as Bill-C223, "framework for a guaranteed livable basic income" (universal basic income), is currently being pushed through parliament without a single word from mainstream media.

Having already passed the first reading in the House Of Commons, it is absolutely troubling that more steps to undermine Canadian democracy are being taken without mainstream media batting an eye. (

From the outside looking in, guaranteeing a certain amount of money to everyone to make their lives easier sounds like an excellent plan. When looking at a country such as Cuba where universal basic income is already a thing, we can see that Doctors make just as much money as the corner store cashier. People aren't adequately compensated for the work that they do as you make the same amount of money no matter what job you have. Rations become one of your means of survival, and without some sort of illegal side job people would die of hunger.

Under normal democratic circumstances the prospects of a guaranteed livable wage wouldn't even be an issue. However, Canada is no longer a democratic nation. This became evident when the government of Canada began arresting individuals and freezing their bank accounts just for protesting.

These types of actions were also taken by the government of Cuba to crush their own dissidents that had started the "patria y vida" protests due to the communist dictatorship that is currently in place. (

While everyone is distracted with the events in Ukraine, Canada will look to push this bill through parliament, as well as some others, in order to further the World Economic Forum's agenda in the country.

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