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ON Health Minister Christine Elliot Wants To Revoke Licenses Of Docs Who Express Opinions On The Vax

In a recent press conference given by Ontario's Minister of Health Christine Elliot, she addressed the fact that doctors in the province were now questioning the experimental vaccines and expressing their professional opinions on the subject, with the authoritarian calling it troubling.

In light of a multitude of mainstream news articles speaking about vaccine related injuries such as myocarditis or issues with women's menstrual cycles, and recent bombshell interviews on podcasts such as the Joe Rogan Experience with renowned scientists and doctors such as Dr. Robert Malone, questioning the government's official narrative is beginning to become more of the norm.

A seemingly agitated Elliot stated "at a time when it's never been more important for Ontarians to have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, this is unacceptable", and would go on to threaten the livelihoods of doctors by saying "I will be sending a letter to the College of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario, urging them to do everything possible to end this behavior, including reviewing their licenses".

Wanting to revoke the licenses of doctors who express their professional opinions on matters pertaining to their fields of expertise is the type of thing you normally only hear about happening in countries such as North Korea or other communist dictatorships. The "behavior" she speaks about wanting to put an end to is the scientific method, which is the act of making observations, formulating hypotheses, testing those theories, and reporting on the findings. (

When scientists are no longer allowed to question the science, then the science is merely propaganda. When doctors can't question the medicine they are providing their patients, they can't adequately perform their duties of providing safe and effective health care.

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