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Here's the full list of attendees for this year's World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland

Another year, another WEF meeting...

Every year, members of our governments gather together with heads of major corporations, as well as leaders in business, science, media and the like to discuss world policy, and develop plans for what they claim will lead to a better future for our world. This is called the World Economic Forum (WEF).

One of the reasons every government official and agency in all of our respective countries around the world were acting in unison during the scamdemic, repeating similar phrases like "trust the science" was because of the work of the Forum.

Klaus Schwab, leader of the WEF and author of the book Covid 19: The Great Reset, has told us openly that his members of Young Global Leaders have infiltrated all of our governments. (Not to mention he wrote an entire book about the scamdemic and how it'll be used to "reshape the world")

If you want to know who's attending this year's meeting from your country and helping Schwab continue his "great reset", here is a PDF that you can download and read over containing almost all of the names of those attending (some have asked to be excluded):

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-Luke Sharp

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