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Ukrainian refugees exempt from Canada's c-shot entry requirement; unvaxxed Canadians remain banned

Currently in Canada, those who are unvaxxed cannot enter the country without being inoculated for the c-flu. Canadians are also completely banned from travelling on planes or trains within their own country without receiving their shots.

The Trudeau regime of Canada has decided to give special clearance for Ukrainian refugees to enter the country without being vaxxed, or completing an immigration medical exam.

(Taken from the Canadian government website, click picture to view full press release)

The absolute hypocrisy of the administration to allow unvetted refugees into the country, at a time where Canadians can't even find affordable housing is astounding in it's own right. The fact they are degrading and segregating naturally born Canadian citizens for being unvaxxed, while then permitting unvaxxed immigrants to flood the country is down right insane.

The Trudeau regime has proven repeatedly that they are turning the country into a dictatorship, from enacting the War Measures Act on it's own people just for protesting against him, to segregating half of the population like Hitler and other tyrants before him did.

The honorable Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland and last surviving member who wrote Canada's Charter of Rights & Freedoms, along with PPC party leader Maxime Bernier, are set to fight Canada's travel ban on the unvaxxed in court on September 19th. For the full story on that, you can visit here

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Lesley Flynn
Lesley Flynn
17 mai 2022

This sickens me and anyone who opposes it will likely be deemed cynical/white supremacist.

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