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Canadian Grocery Store Shelves Empty Due In Part To Justin Trudeau's Vaccine Mandate On Truckers

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's vaccine mandate on truckers begins to bare it's fruit, shelves on grocery stores around the country of Canada begin to look empty.

Numerous photos have been flooding the internet from the East Coast of Canada all the way to B.C, depicting barren shelves and the scarcity of some items.

Not only is the vaccine mandate on truckers causing disruptions to the supply chain, mandates in all sectors are doing their part as well. From mandates on farms and processing plants, to Justin Trudeau's policy-caused inflation, food scarcity could become an even bigger issue in the near future.

Instead of the mainstream media calling attention to the fact that it's due to the current administration's policies, they have decided to place the onus on the consumer and opt to give you some ways to shop thriftier.

A little better journalism from the companies that take tax payer money would be appreciated.

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