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Former Premier Brian Peckford & PPC leader Maxime Bernier to challenge Canada's unvaxxed travel ban

In the country of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has imposed a travel ban on all unvaccinated Canadians, barring them from planes and trains and leaving them unable to move about freely, a right guaranteed to Canadians under Canada's Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, and former Premier of Newfoundland Brian Peckford have launched a legal challenge against the travel ban, and were told by the Federal Court that their case will be heard on September 19th, 2022.

For those who are unaware, the honorable Brian Peckford is the last surviving member of Parliament who wrote Canada's Charter of Rights & Freedoms. He gave an absolutely firey speech at a freedom rally earlier this year, where he explained that this document was designed to protect individuals rights, and that Justin Trudeau was breaking that charter with his vaccine mandates and government overreach.

In the United States, people traveling on planes are no longer subjected to the lunacy of having to wear a face mask thanks to a Federal Court judge overturning the mandate. Meanwhile, Canada has been turned into a mini Nazi Germany by the Trudeau regime, demonizing half of the population and labelling them as too dirty for travel. Canadians have been prevented from visiting dying loved ones, and have been forced to spend 2 years separated from their significant others.

Maxime Bernier, the only political party leader in Canada who has not taken the synthetic mRNA shots, has continued to fight for the rights and freedoms of Canadians while other political leaders have sat idly by.

“Not only am I prevented from travelling easily across the country and doing my job properly as a federal party leader, but millions of Canadians from all walks of life are prevented from leading normal lives with this travel ban. It’s a clear violation of our basic rights to mobility, and I hope the court will strike it down,” says Mr. Bernier.

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms' lawyers are representing Mr. Bernier in this case. "The case is being heard on an expedited basis given the serious infringement on Canadians’ mobility and other Charter rights.", says the Justice Center press release regarding this matter.

(Click photo for full Justice Center press release)

Hopefully the courts will overturn this ridiculous travel ban, and allow millions of Canadians to get back to a normal life of freedom and liberty.


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