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"We demand the federal government cease all mandates against it's people!", say Canadian truckers.

On Saturday January 21st, convoys of truckers from across Canada began making their way to Parliament Hill to protest Justin Trudeau's draconian vaccine mandates.

"We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our federal government and demanding that they cease all mandates against it's people", says the GoFundMe set up to help with the fuel, food, and lodgings of the truckers. "Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and people are being mistreated and denied fundamental necessities to survive." (

Justin Trudeau has a massive problem on his hands as a convoy of truckers longer than the convoy of Russian troops sent to Ukraine was seen making their way to the capital last night.

(The full video can be seen on Facebook here:

As different countries around the world begin removing their mask mandates and vaccine passports, including The United Kingdom, the government of Canada isn't letting up. It's at the point now where mandates have affected the supply chain severely and empty shelves can be seen in grocery stores across the country.

The country's truckers have had enough. They are taking a stand for the freedom of the citizens of the country, and perhaps a stand for freedom of the citizens around the world.

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Send Truduea and his band of lieing , thieves .Murderers of the Canadian people to Jail for crimes against humanity ....and rape ..Come on ....He's done nothing but run Canada into the ground .


Truduea needs to be sent to 🇨🇳 China with his family not to be seen again ....That will make Canada great Again ...Dam Drama Queen is worst than his Father was ....No Truduea should've been allowed to be in Government again..Mass Murderer ....Kill by Vax and 5 G . Trudueas legacy.

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