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Rumble CEO offers Joe Rogan $100 million dollars to bring his podcast over there 🔥

Amid turmoil surrounding Joe Rogan, Spotify has been removing more and more of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes, which is definitely a form of censorship. In response to this, CEO Chris Pavlovski has made Rogan an offer of $100 million dollars over four years to bring his podcast episodes, old and new, over to the platform.

This offer from Rumble is the exact same type of deal currently in place between Joe Rogan and Spotify, and is worth exactly the same amount of money. The difference being Rumble is a direct competitor to YouTube, offering the same service without big tech censorship.

A few weeks ago, main stream media had started attacking Joe. First for helping to destroy the false covid narrative by having on key figures such as Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA technology as a vaccine) which they tried to label as misinformation, and now because of a video compilation clip making the rounds on social media showing him using the n-word, which has been taken out of context dramatically. As someone who has seen every single one of his podcast episodes more than once, and a full blooded American Indian, I have never once heard him use the n-word in a derogatory manner. I have heard him use the word while quoting movies or other people such as Quentin Tarantino, and it's these instances that have been taken out of context.

Notable celebrities such as recording artist Jewel, actor/comedian Kevin James, and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson all voiced their support for Joe Rogan following the first controversy surrounding "misinformation". The controversy regarding his purported n-word use had The Rock pulling his support, a move which had Tim Pool reminding him of his own racist past.

It remains to be seen what Joe Rogan will decide to do. Personally, I hope he moves to Rumble so we can get the JRE in its full, uncensored entirety.

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