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Government tries to freeze Freedom Convoy's funds AGAIN, GiveSendGo says Canada has no jurisdiction

Premier of Ontario Doug Ford and his government went to the court in an attempt to freeze the Freedom Convoy's funds that they have generated through christian fundraising site GoSendMe.

The application was brought to the Superior Court of Justice prohibiting any person from dealing with the monetary donations made through The Freedom Convoy 2022 and Adopt-A-Trucker campaigns, and applies to all parties in possession or control over these donations. First reported by Brian Lilley of the Toronto Star.


Almost immediately after this news had begun to spread across social media, GiveSendGo released a statement via Twitter, alerting people to the fact that Canada has no jurisdiction over their company or fundraisers.


Based on the route the Ontario Provincial government opted to take, and how GoFundMe responded, it's fair to assume GiveSendGo was reached out to by the government prior to them going to the courts. Thank-you to GiveSendGo for standing up for freedom!

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