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17 Year Old Canadian Girl Who Is Now Confined To A Wheelchair Shares Her Pfizer Vaccine Injury Story

Across Canada every weekend in almost every major city there are freedom rallies taking place. Thousands of citizens from all walks of life gather together in protest of Justin Trudeau's vaccine mandates and the provinces' dictator-like covid policies. This past Saturday in Fredericton, New Brunswick a brave 17 year old girl took the microphone to share her story about how the pfizer vaccine caused her to become confined to a wheelchair.

"I'm a vaccine injured victim. I'm here today to stand up for the freedom of myself, my friends, and all of the children, and for every single one of you assembled here today, that you don't have to suffer the same way that me and my family have suffered the past few months", the courageous young girl began off saying as the crowd listened attentively.

In what sounds like a clear violation of the nuremberg code, she recounted how she wasn't informed of the possible risks associated with taking this experimental shot, and how she was coerced under the guise of being able to have her normal life back. "I took the vaccine for the following reasons: I wanted to live a normal life again, to be able to go hang out with my family and friends, like going to the movies, the restaurants, church, and to other public activities, and to be able to graduate this year", she explained.

She would go on to elaborate how she would have a change of heart after her first dose of pfizer, and that after her own research she was trying to make an informed decision. However, when the government began announcing heavy handed mandates, she felt pressured to join the line after school and take her second dose. It was after this dose that she began experiencing adverse reactions, such as losing the use of her leg.

"You took my freedom away, you took my health away, and now look at me; I can't even walk!"

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