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I am an independent recording artist, journalist, and video game streamer.

I have released 2 full length albums, my debut album "This Is Me" on May 12th, 2012, and "The Lost Tapes" in 2020 which was a compilation album of the best songs I had ever done but never released, with all songs coming from 2011 or earlier. I also released a single on Mother's Day 2017 called "Nobody Does It Better Than You (Love You Mom)" as a gift to my mother.


-Numerous high school and college science credits from biology, chemisty, psychology, and anthropology.

-1 year, General Sciences, Durham College.
-1 year Drug & Alcohol Counseling, Georgian College.

-1 year, Journalism: Print & Broadcast, Durham College.

-3 years living in Cuba, a first hand look into communism and socialism.

Background Story

I wanted to be a biologist but I did not care enough about math to get the grades needed to get into the program I wanted. I felt like needing math to become a biologist was ridiculous. In Canada having high math grades was compulsory for studying almost all science based professions at the college/university level. I also loved writing as I made music and wrote poetry my entire life so I thought the next best thing would be to report on science, so I decided to study to become a journalist, taking general sciences along the way to give me the ability to report on science based news. Even the drug and alcohol counseling program had science based classes such as psychology and anthropology.

Another important fact is that I spent 3 years living in Cuba. I bought a house there because it was so incredibly cheap (had to put it in a Cuban friends name as tourists can't own property). My friends had ration cards. I even had a ration card for my house but it wasn't in my name as I wasn't legally allowed to have it, with me being a foreigner. I got to see communism and socialism first hand. I got to see things such as giant lines for simple things such as cooking oil, which is why what I see happening in democratic societies around the world is truly troubling.